Why Shouldn’T You Touch A Kitten After It Is Born?

In fact, I am not sure of the best way to touch a kitten after it is born.

I have had cats for many years, and I have always been very careful with them. The first one was a tiny orange tabby kitten that my neighbor gave me when she found her outside in a box of garbage by the side of the road where she had been dumped. He was just a wee thing about eight inches long ,and he weighed less than an ounce at birth! My husband named him “Diedre” (pronounced die-dree) because he looked as if he were dead when we brought him home from the hospital . In those days there were no incubators or warm houses to keep newborns alive until they could be adopted out as kittens–so Diedre’s mother left him on our doorstep hoping someone would take care of her baby.. As far as anyone knows, Diedre lived only two weeks after being born. We took turns feeding and cleaning up his little body until his death several months later . It seemed almost too cruel to do what we did but we never regretted it because now we know exactly how important it is always to be so gentle with all babies – even your own pets…

At some point I began taking in stray cats and finding homes for them …the most notable one was Snowy who came into our lives about six months before Diedre died –he must’ve been five years old at this time–and we loved him