Why Will A Kitten Bite Really Hard?

It’s not uncommon for a kitten to bite hard when it is in pain. Your little one has been hurt or needs love and attention.

What do I do if my cat bites me?

If your cat bit you, don’t try to pet him gently; get up immediately and go into another room (or outside) until the attack subsides. If you cannot leave, lie down on the floor with your head between your knees. It may take several minutes for an attack like this to stop completely; wait patiently until the symptoms subside before getting back up!

My cat won’t come near me—why? What should I do?

Your cat may be scared because he did something wrong or doesn’t understand why his body language is frightening you. He might also feel rejected by his litter mate(s) whom he just abandoned, so he may become extremely nervous around people after that event took place. You can help him overcome these fears by providing reassurance that everything will be all right, but only if he feels safe enough to approach you again within about 15 minutes of being put out of his comfort zone—and sometimes even less than that!

Why does my kitten always pee/poop on me while I am holding her? Why doesn’t she use their litter box more often during the day time hours when they are awake and alert? How can I protect myself from potentially serious health