Why Won’T My Kitten Stop Sneezing And A Way To Treat It?

September 21, 2011

Question: My kitten is very sick and we were wondering what could be wrong. She has been sneezing and having runny eyes and nose since she got home from the breeder about 5 weeks ago. I have treated her with an antibiotic but it has not worked. What can we do to help her? Also, We don’t know how long this will last for or if it is something that can be cured or prevented in the future? Thank You! Answer: It sounds like your kitten has a respiratory infection (commonly known as Coughs) which usually looks like a nasty cold/cough followed by some dry heaving and sneezing for several days before starting to get better on its own. There are many types of viruses that cause these infections – Herpesvirus 1 (which causes feline herpes), Caliciviruses such as Panleukopenia, Adenoviruses such as FIV etc… Some cats get “cold” just once then never get them again while others may get them every year or so.. The good news is that most coughs resolve themselves within 2-6 weeks but there are also drugs you can use to prevent relapses usually taking 3 months of constant treatment after each relapse until they go away completely in 4-6 months time…. Any questions please feel free to ask us any other concerns you might have thanks & hope this helps answer below question posted by Patricia Moore October 20 , 2011 :