Why Won’T My Kitten Use The Litter Box?

› i have a 10 week old kitten. she will not use the litterbox. if i put her in it, she goes outside and potty’s there instead.. what do you think the problem is? › My 3 month old kittens wont poop in their litterbox… I’ve been trying to get them to poop so they can be spayed… But all 3 of them just pee on my floor or anywhere else they please! They dont seem sick at all…. Any suggestions!? › cat won’t go into box › My 2 year old cats seems reluctant to go into their litter box. She used it once but after that hasnt gone back since. What should I do? › Why doesnt my kitten want to use his/her litter-box anymore? He poops outside and he pees everywhere else! Help!! » 200+ Litter Box Solutions (1)