Why Would A Male Adult Cat Attack Baby Kitten?

A: I’ve seen adult cats attack kittens, but it’s not common. The best bet is to put the kitten in a small cage with no window so that she cannot see her attacker and try to chase him away before he gets too close or hits her with his claws. It may take several weeks of trips outside for your cat to trust you again.

Q: We have an 8-month-old female cat who looks very healthy, weighs about 11 pounds (5 kg) and has beautiful blue eyes; however, she only eats once per day – at noon. At night, we feed her dinner (chicken breast), but never any breakfast! She is always hungry around midnight though when we go to bed…she chases our hands as if she wants us to pet her or give something else. Should I be concerned? Or should I just leave things alone? And why does she only eat food out of cans rather than raw meat/bones/fish treats? Do you guys think that maybe this means there is something wrong with her digestion system?

Donna D., CA A: Hi Donna D.: There are many reasons why cats eat canned food instead of raw meaty bones etc.: they do not like the smell or taste of raw meaty bones; they don’t want their teeth brushed by using them on raw bone bits; or perhaps they are afraid the big chunks will fall off easily during chewing time due to being cut up into smaller pieces